If you have diabetes, pre-diabetes or know someone with these conditions then read this carefully as the following information can save your life.
I could not believe what they were telling me...

I woke up in a daze. I could feel myself wrapped by the firm constricting sheets and stale smell that can only to be found in a hospital. I could hear the beeping sound that somebody was not well.  
Through my hazy gaze I was able to see my family. I could see tears in their eyes. As soon as they noticed I was waking they had pure joy and relief that I wasn't dead. 
Soon afterwards as I was confused the doctor came to me with a face that almost seemed shocked that I was staring back at him. I asked the doctor. "What's going on where am I." The last I remember I was watering my lawn. When all of the sudden things just went black. The doctor told me the most shocking news of my life. He said "You have just woken up from a diabetic coma. Your blood sugar level was so high you should have died." I have never felt so much fear and disappointment in my life.
The thought of my kids growing up without their father and my wife losing her husband made me feel like I had lost complete control of my life and health.
I was only 43 years old with a beatiful wife, 2 boys and 1 girl. My youngest, my 5 year old daughter Stephanie hugged me, looked me in my eyes and said "Daddy what's wrong with you?" At that moment I realized I could not let this disease take my life. NOT NOW. NOT EVER!
Upon returning home from the hospital as we where sitting for dinner I could not believe the look of sadness and fear that my family had in their eyes. I had never seen anything like this before.
After dinner my youngest son Jacob asked if I was ready to play our daily game of catch. I just felt so weak and terrible with my diabetes being out of control I knew I couldn't go out there without passing out and ending up right back in the hospital again. I had to be realistic and tell my son "Daddy doesn't feel good and I won't be able to play catch with you." I then saw tears rolling down Jacob's face and while sobbing he said "It's OK dad. I want you to be OK. I don't want you to go back to the hospital. How about we just stay inside and watch the game so you can be OK and it's like we are playing catch."
 At this point I felt trapped in my own body because I couldn't be the father that I wanted to be because of my diabetes. I could not let my time with my family be cut short. It was time to make a change!
Fortunately I am telling you this today because I was able to change my life. I was able to go from being on my death bed in a diabetic coma, not even able to play catch with my kid. My wife had lost all attraction to me because of the 81 pounds that I had gained and my inability to be intimate with her. She was in constant fear that she was going to become a widow.
Today I am not only NOT on the path to an early grave, but I am in the best shape I have been in since I was a teenager. I am not living in fear and my family is happy. I can play with my kids now, go on vacations with my wife, and I was able to watch our oldest son David make the varsity football team all thanks to this secret that allowed me to cure my diabetes. Not through expensive medication, not through risky experimental medical procedures, but through an ancient secret that has been used by a tribe in Asia for thousands of years. A place where people have never seen diabetes, and if you keep reading I will tell you the story of how I came to find this information that has changed my life forever.
 It’s not just me, what I am about to tell you has been used by tens of thousands of others who were able to change their lives as well.
Before I can give you everything you need to start this inexpensive revolutionary system and change your entire life in as little as just 28 days I need to ask you to read this page in full. You will not only think it is possible you will know it is possible as a scientific fact and moments later you can start the processes of eliminating your diabetes. I ask you this because I am not sure how long this website will be here for as the corrupt big pharma industry crooks are doing everything in their power to take our system down. 
Yes, these same people who designed a system to keep you spending money on their drugs and the same people who offer you no long-term solutions or cures to get off of their shots and pills. For big pharma diabetes sufferers are their cash cow and they want to keep you shackled to prescription drugs and insulin shots to keep getting money from you for as long as you live.  
This life changing discovery is something you have never heard about and also something big pharma and your doctors do not want you to hear about. They have previously tried to shut down this page to keep millions of diabetics in the dark that type two diabetes reversal is possbile without medication. I am going to tell you right now everything you thought you knew about diabetes treatment is completely false.
During this journey that I went through to uncover a 100% natural and simple way to lower your blood sugar, I also found out why you haven’t heard about it until now. This information has been around for centuries but the big pharma companies have tried to suppress the information and keep the public from taking their health into their hands. The fat cat CEO’s of these companies want to keep you unhealthy and buying their overpriced toxic medications, that might make you feel better, but never fully healed.
These discoveries and life-threatening changes to my health ended up being a blessing in disguise. It led me to discover a revolutionary system and lifestyle from a remote ethnic group in Myanmar. A country that was blocked off from the rest of the world for the past century. A group that rarely has any cases of diabetes and whom the majority do not even know what diabetes is. This secret discovery helped me lower my blood sugar level, improve my cardiovascular health, shed 21 pounds and permanently reverse my type two diabetes in 34 days. 

I am going to show you what my clinically proven in-depth discoveries and research uncovered and also back it up with numerous facts that other scientists and research departments have proven to work. I will show you that reversing your diabetes can be done easily, without pills, insulin shots and boring restrictive diets. 
This amazing system that is so easy it not only can be done from the comfort of your home it will also save you thousands of dollars yearly. It will fix your blood sugar levels no matter how bad they are, no matter how long you have been diabetic for and how many generations of your family has suffered from diabetes as well.
So, you might be wondering how many people have successfully used this system. At current count we are at 43,897 people who have fixed their blood sugar levels, fixed their insulin sensitivity, boosted metabolism, dropped weight like they just got out a sauna, boosted their mind, body and energy levels all while eliminating all their diabetes-related diseases. The system has been used in 88 countries across the globe and the number continues to grow!

Today I am offering you the opportunity to permanently remove your diabetes like the doctors have told me that I have  and change your entire life physically and financially. 
Are you ready to destroy type 2 diabetes like I did? Are you ready to look and feel like you are in your early 20’s again?
Starting today you no longer have to be a prisoner in your own body. No more spending money buying metformin, actos or amaryl, drugs that not only make you fat and tired, but keep you trapped in the disease. So, pay attention for the next few minutes to the secrets I am going to give you. 
I am about to change your life by showing you the simple steps you can take to beat your diabetes.
I’m John Gootridge and I am from Springfield Illinois and I WAS a diabetic. I ask now that after you read this that you take action and do something about your condition unlike what I did in the past and here is why.
We were your normal, fun-loving family that lived an active and healthy lifestyle. I was an assistant coach to my oldest son's Davids football team. Twice a year our family would have our annual camping trips. I also come from a family with good genetics. Both my parents are still alive and active. Both playing tennis regularly with their group of friends. Growing up I was an all section baseball player in high school and you could say I was a bit of a jock. I was confident that I would always be healthy.
As I settled into the family life I gradually began to put on weight. I was eating more and started exercising less. I would have a regular beer at dinner and enjoy a nice dessert to get my sugar fix. My food and drink choices where not the healthiest but I didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary. 

Many days I had low energy and felt sluggish, but I thought that was just part of again. My kids started joking about the fat on my belly asking "Daddy are you pregnant." Which I thought was funny. 

Then one summer I started noticing that I would always feel dehydrated but was going to the bathroom all the time. I also started getting frequent headaches.
So I decided to go to my annual  physical a little earlier than normal. It was then that I was hit with the life-changing news. The doctor told me "You have type 2 diabetes." I could not believe what I was hearing.
And so it began, years upon years of being fed pills and injections as my physical and mental health withered away. I began to feel sorry for myself and fall into depression. One nightly beer turned into three and I continued to eat more to make myself feel better. Everyday when I looked in the mirror I didn't look like myself and I didn't feel like my normal self. I became short tempered and uncomfortable in my own skin. I became anti social, distancing myself from family and friends. I continued to gain weight, energy levels lowered and constant physically issues popped up.
What were my doctor’s solutions for this? Feed me more pills. Continuous prescriptions. After years of taking pill and insulin shots with no health improvements I started to realize this system would not improve or ever cure me. It was all set up to just manage the disease and keep me coming back for more and more expensive medications.
My health continued to dwindle. I gained a lot of weight and my body was breaking down. I gained so much weight that I had to buy a new wardrobe twice! I was at the point that making it upstairs into my bedroom was so horrible I spent most nights on the couch downstairs. 
Not only did I notice the change in my body my children noticed as well. I will never forget the day I sat on the couch winded from my recent bathroom run when my daughter came up to me in tears. She said to me “Daddy, are you going to die? Because at school my friends said that you were too fat and would die soon.” I was broken. I began to sob with her knowing that although cruel, her friends were right. I was spiraling towards an early grave and I felt lost to improve it. My family could not bear seeing me in this state. It began to affect the health of our entire family. We were stuck, and we had no solution.
That was just the start! I began experiencing piercing pains in my body, my heart was failing, and I had to start heart medications. My blood pressure was through the roof just like my blood sugar level.
During all this time I put on a drastic amounts of weight. I went from a decent 182 pounds to a wopping 263 pounds.
It all came to a crashing halt on my 43 birthday. After a nice dinner with my family I went outside to water the lawn. That's when I felt a rush of heat over my body and then I fainted. Next thing I knew I was waking up in the ER.
When I woke the doctor said "Your blood sugar level was so high. You should have died." When he said that I could envision my families eyes filled with tears staring down at me in my grave. In fact, I almost did die. My body shut down and I went into a diabetic coma. The lower half of my body was paralyzed, and I was told that I might have to have my foot amputated. When being told this the thought of not being able to be active with my children brought me a huge sense of fear and shame. 
At this point, I decided this was it. I was going to make a change. I was not going to deal with nor live with this any longer. I never wanted to tell my sons that I couldn't play with them again. I never wanted to see tears of fear in my daughters face. I didn't want my family to bury me. I didn't want my wife to raise our children by herself. I was going to begin the healing process and I was going to do it without being dependent on meds. No more drugs and insulin injections. That is what got me into this position in the first place. 
I realized the reason behind all these health issues was due to the never-ending supply of pills and injections prescribed by the doctors.  I knew if I did not act fast it would be the end of me...
So I began by researching natural ways to lower blood sugar levels and cure diabetes. For months I searched the internet, read journals, visited libraries, spoke to researches, visited universities, doctors you name it! I even spoke to other diabetics and holistic doctors  looking for some type of remedy or suggestion to help control my diabetes. 
Unfortunately, I found nothing that could change my poor state of health permanently. I did not know what else to do. I was starting to give up hope as I continued to gain weight and my health continued to dwindle. I knew it was just a matter of time...
Then everything changed forever. While visiting my brother in Chicago for the weekend, we went to a family owned Burmese restaurant. While asking our waiter Denpo who happened to be the owner of the restaurant what plates he recommended for maintaining blood sugar levels due to diabetes I was shocked when he responded, “What is this diabetes you speak of?” confused I responded "What do you mean?" Then he said "I don't know what I diabetes is." So I asked him where he was from and he told me Myanmar. I began to explain to him what diabetes was, it's history, causes and symptoms. It was at that point he told me that diabetes does not exist where he is from. That is when the lightbulb went on and I had my aha moment.
I was then like a kid in a candy store, excited and curious. I began asking Denpo about his culture, diet and lifestyle in his native land. Everything started adding up. There were so many things he said that were foreign to me, to my doctors and everyone else I had consulted. I was shocked that his country had one of the lowest diabetes rates in the world and his ingenious tribe had never had a reported diabetic case. This opened up Pandora's box for me. I knew this could be the solution... the cure! If his tribe never had diabetes, then why couldn't I and millions of others remove diabetes from our lives if we lived the same lifestyle.
I asked Denpo who his indigenous group is. He told me The Kachins.
It was at that point I asked if he could help and I thoroughly explained to him what diabetes was and how many people are affected by it across the world.
Both of our curiosities grew. When I got home I began researching anything and everything about where he was from and the way his people lived. My brain was on fire for the first time in years I felt hope. Hope that there was a solution that could solve my problem.

His people were an example of a perfect bill of health. All with similar blood sugar levels, no obesity and this was even the case for those in their 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Immediately the next day I called Denpo and told him he had to help. He said, "Come by my house before you leave I will have something for you." 
When I met Denpo he had a look of hope on his face for me. He handed me a book he said "Take this, live by it and health will be brought to your life." It was all in Burmese he even translated each line specifically for me. You might be asking what was this book? Well, it was an ancient book going back centuries that was passed down from generation to generation of his family.  As I flipped through the pages that felt so fragile because you can tell they had been passed on for generations holding inside the health secrets that would eliminate this horrible disease. I spent the entire day and night at Denpo's house. Page after page I intently read each word until suddenly it hit me. 
Everything around me seemed to disappear because I knew that what I just discovered was going to change my life forever. I looked up at Denpo who was sitting patiently excited as if he already knew what I had just discovered.

“Denpo, I see that in almost every one of these recipes coconut oil is used. Why is that?”

A small smile streaked across Denpo’s face as he said “I thought you would never ask.”
Denpo then said "Coconut Oil is a sacred ingredient in my tribe as the coconut is the lifeblood that flows through our culture. We use it as our main resource for trade and diet and it has enabled us to prosper. Coconut oil is the purest concentrated form of the coconut and we believe it has powerful healing properties. Because of that we use it in almost all of our recipes to keep ourselves strong and healthy."
After hearing this I found out that Coconut Oil plays an essential role in regulating blood sugar. This is a big reason why his people are practically immune to diabetes. When you include coconut oil with carbs for example, the carbs are broken down into glucose more slowly regulating your blood sugar levels even after you eat. Coconut oil protects against insulin resistance the leading cause of diabetes.  
I started looking more into their diet. I found that 4 of their main ingredients were shown to lower blood sugar levels as was proven in several studies by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  
I found that consuming just one gram of these ingredients increases insulin sensitivity,  reduced inflammation and reverses type 2 diabetes.  Yes, it reverses it!  

In type 1 patients it also reduced the need for injections and drugs.
This was amazing news to me. In part because coconut oil and these simple ingredients are readily available across the globe. 
Things where starting to come together. As I continued to research I found that these ingredients were scientifically proven to lower blood sugar levels. The question was how fast it would work and how effective it would be for severe diabetes like I had, but I was missing a piece to the puzzle. I knew I was just one person and needed someone to help me on this journey. I also knew I needed scientific help to perfect this program and I needed it from someone with a Kachin background.
So of course, I turned to Denpo for more help. He recommended me to Nyan San his high school friend who had gone on to be a researcher at University of Medical Technology Mandalay
Nyan has dedicated his life to diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases We contacted Nyan and I explained to him how we thought the findings in Denpo's book could unlock the secret to reversing type 2 diabetes. He was interested in everything we had to say, but he knew it would be an uphill battle. After numerous calls and meeting over several weeks outlining and explaining in depth our findings he committed to working with me to find a cure. He knew how potentially life changing this would be for millions of diabetics across the world. 
We both knew it would be tough for this protocol to go mainstream as big pharma and corporate America would fight it as diabetes is a 242 billion dollar industry in America with the average diabetic spending 243k dollars over their lifetime once being diagnosed with diabetes. Even more shocking is 25% of people with diabetes don't even know they have it.
We went on a mission to reverse diabetes the Kachin way. He agreed by using the right ingredients combining them the right way with the right amounts, and with the right lifestyle we would be able to create a natural remedy that would level blood glucose levels, boost metabolisms, kick start the pancreas and reverse insulin resistance.

Over the next year, Nyan sat in his lab and tested and tried thousands of different combinations of ingredients and lifestyle changes on test subjects. We where seeing blood sugar level drop significantly but we couldn't stabilize it long term. One late night while burning the midnight oil he went back and looked over Denpo's families book and made a startling discovery. That when combining one specific ingredient with the other 4 main ingredients caused blood sugar levels to stabilize long term. The results were spectacular!
This treatment was so simple, so inexpensive and the miraculous part about this was I could start the plan right away as it did not need FDA approval as the entire program is made up of natural ingredients. So, I started right away. I went to my local grocery store bought the ingredients needed to follow Nyan’s system, began living a different lifestyle and started what I hoped would save my life.
I had never been so excited to go shopping for food in my life. When grabbing each item in the store I had a sensation that went from my hand through my body. A sensation that with each item that I was putting into my shopping cart I was one step closer to healing myself. It was the felling of pure promise and hope of a better and brighter future.
I started checking my A1C levels and was not noticing only a little bit of change. Then on my 5th day it happened. I remember like it was yesterday. Before my dinner on a normal evening with my family I checked it. My A1C level was at a stable 5.6%! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I asked my wife to double check my blood sugar monitor results. Her eyes shifted from the blood sugar monitor to mine and began to tear up. She said "Honey it's happening you're getting better!" What I believed in from when I first met Nyan was now a reality. 

Each day the number kept dropping. It was quite the site to see. The world around me begin to reopen again. After a full month of daily improvements, my blood glucose level reached normal levels. As a bonus, while this was all happening my pounds kept shedding. After one short month I was down an astonishing 21 pounds. 
My overall health also began to improve. No daily aches and pains. I was sleeping well, blood pressure stable, I was energetic, and my mind was clear and focused. Another couple days of the continued results and I knew I could finally get off my meds.  

My family had not felt joy and energy like this since our daughter Stephanie was born. My energy continued to increase every day. I was back to coaching my sons football team and my romantic life had returned. I was finally back to my old self.
I was so eager to share this life-changing system with the world, but at the same time it had only been fully tried and tested on me, so I knew I needed others to get involved.
I began speaking with other diabetics I had met throughout the years and got them to follow the system we had created. Locally I also got patients from the Chicago center for diabetes to volunteer to use our system. I also began running advertisements online recruiting volunteers. In total we had 456 people in various stages of type 2 diabetes follow our system.
The results were mind blowing. All 456 people where able to reach normal healthy A1C levels. Some people went from being at critical levels of 10% plus, to stable levels in less than a month. On top of that, the average weight loss was 24 pounds. All participants also saw triglycerides, blood pressure and cholesterol levels drop. 
After these miraculous results with 100's of patients our all-natural system is backed by numerous research institutes and scientist. Confirming that defeating type 2 diabetes can be done by eating and living the lifestyle as laid out by the Kachins.
University of California Los Angeles-
“In just 3 weeks 71% of patients were taken off all diabetic drugs”
Metabolic Research Group VA Medical center of the University of Kentucky- 96% of patients were able to completely stop insulin injections, while type 1 reduced their doses by 38%
“Contrary to common belief Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome can be reversed” Christian Roberts lead researcher –University of California
It was amazing to see. I received hundreds of phone calls and emails from participants and their families thanking me for changing their lives and in some cases saving their lives. 

I remember one call specifically from a patient by the name of Duncan. He mentioned to me that the system seemed too hard to do because it was based off a lifestyle and culture a world away. I assured him that our protocol would be the simplest most enjoyable one that he had ever tried and that he would experience permanent results. 

So when I got that call from Duncan I was anxious to hear his news. The problem was it took him a few minutes to relay the news to me as the call started with tears of happiness and thankful wishes. After that he explained to me that his A1C level was at 5% steadily for the past 6 weeks and that he had dropped a total of 31 pounds. 
Calls and emails like this kept pouring in. It was a feeling of complete and utter joy. At this point I knew it was time!
I contacted Nyan and asked him to help me prepare this system for public use. I was determined to ensure that no other family would have to go through the pain and suffering that we went through and I knew that our system would do exactly that.

I could now finally expose the corrupt and money hungry medical system that is fueling the diabetes epidemic by them telling you it can only be managed by expensive medication. Well, guess what? That all ends today! With thousands of in depth research and studies we have created a clinically proven system for lowering blood sugar levels and reversing diabetes permanently. 
This system is so easy, effective and inexpensive.
It can be done naturally and in as little as 28 days! Let's hear from one of our many success stories.
Hi my name Susan Felton from Kansas City Missouri I’m 52 years old and I was diagnosed with type two diabetes 6 years ago. From the start I was told there was no cure. Throughout the years I have been prescribed your typical meds and shots and have spent tens of thousands of dollars doing nothing more than just managing my diabetes.

After years of no improvement my health began to falter and just over a month ago it became almost fatal. My blood sugar spiked to 390 mg/dl. I had high blood pressure, kidney issues and since I was diagnosed I put on over 100 pounds. I was then admitted to the ER on 3 separate occasions. I went from from being the caretaker for my 73 year old mother to her having to take care of me. This was not only a life changing but a scary time for me and my family. I decided it was time for me to take control of my health. I started searching the internet and talking to fellow diabetics and thankfully one dear friend Lisa recommended me to John and his diabetes busting system.

So I started this simple protocol and in just over 30 days my reading dropped to 128 mg/dl, my blood pressure stabilized, my kidney issues went away and I began dropping pounds. The program was so easy to use all the recommendations were so easy to implement into my lifestyle and the recipes were so delicious.

I went to my doctors last week and she told me she had never seen such a thing happen in her entire life and that my health turn around was something to behold. I was so happy when I returned home to give my mother the good news I could barely put a sentence together. It was the biggest life changing experience that I have ever had.

I never thought it was possible to reverse my diabetes but now I know that is not true.

So if you are reading this and you, your friend or a family member has diabetes I can’t urge you enough to try this program. It will change your life forever. Do not let diabetes ruin your life.
So, you are probably wondering what it is and what is it called. Well, I am happy to introduce you to the Kachin Diabetes Solution. This simple easy to follow system inspired by the Kachin’s of Myanmar contains the exact same treatment program that enabled me to reverse my type 2 diabetes, have normal blood sugar levels, lose tons of weight and rectify all my other health issues I had associated with diabetes. A system that is now used all over the globe.
I want you to experience these same life-changing health results today that I have experienced. I also want you to experience the joy and happiness that I have in my life daily due to defeating this monstrous disease. 
I live a happy healthy life with my family whom no longer have to worry if I will live to see our kids get married. 

It doesn’t matter if diabetes has been in your family for generations, if you are newly diagnosed, or if you have struggled with diabetes for years and are losing hope.  
This system will change your life. 
Here is some of what you will find in the book. We will show you the root causes of diabetes. The truth about metformin and the internal damage that is does to your body that you didn't know about. The secret Kachin ingredients that will help you lose weight, lower your blood sugar, and heal your body. How foods in the Kachin system will boost your bodies insulin production naturally. How to stay motivated and stick with our fast simple and easy protocol. Inside the guide you will also learn about their culture, fitness lifestyle, food and traditions which have made them virtually immune to diabetes. 
And Finally we will back everything up with clinical studies based on the Kachin system. I will also show you clinical studies which inspired this program. This will show you without a doubt that the only way to prevent, stop and reverse diabetes permanently is through all-natural remedies with secret methods and ingredients that the Kachins have been using for centuries. 
That's not all that is included! 
It does not stop there. I have the Fitness for Diabetes guide. This guide will give you low impact fitness moves, techniques and workouts that you can easily do at home, at a park or gym.  

The Kachin people don’t need expensive gym memberships to follow a healthy lifestyle and neither do you.

98% of people who followed this fitness guide along with the Kachin Diabetes Solution lost an average an extra 7lbs monthly than those who only used the Kachin system without the Fitness For Diabetes book.

You won’t be lifeless after these metabolism boosting workouts.

Fitness for diabetes is for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. It is fun and effective.
I also include for you the powerful and easy to prepare Blood Sugar Lowering Cook Book

This includes all the healthy ingredients that the Kachin people use in their meals and delicious recipes using those same diabetes-fighting ingredientsIngredients that are easily accessible and affordable in all stores.  

Don’t think for one minute this is some boring, tasteless strict diet. I could not even do that myself. 

The food I eat daily is delicious. 

We understand that variety and finding out what is delicious for every person is important to your success in this program. To help ensure that we created a recipe book that you can't find anywhere else. You will get over 50 recipes that use the amazing ingredients the Kachin people consume, but in so many different ways you will never get tired or feel like you can't find something that works for you.

This plan was put together by Nyan and our team of certified nutritionists. The entire system is tasty, easy to prepare, filling, affordable and fun to cook and eat.  
This is literally all it is going to take for you to lower your blood sugar levels, lose weight, transform your health and destroy your diabetes for good!
Imagine the feeling you have when your Doctor tells you that you no longer have to take meds

Imagine the feeling you will have when you look in the mirror only to see a huge drop in your weight

Imagine the feeling you will have no longer having to take daily blood sugar level tests. 

Imagine eating tasty food that doesn’t make you feel guilty when you are done. You know that every bite isn’t just delicious but it's healthy and extending your life.

Would you like to start feeling healthier than you ever have today? Let’s talk about how you can.
I’m sure you are thinking that if you are going to get super simple, easy to follow protocol than there has to be a catch. You are probably thinking that it will cost thousands of dollars to get all of these benefits. I want you to know you couldn’t be more wrong, but before I tell you the price let me tell you why I have made this so affordable and honestly I am not sure how long I can keep it at this low rate.
I know what it is like to be staring down the barrel of the gun that is diabetes in my life. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to see my family again yet at the same time resigned to my fate. There was no way out except for taking medication that didn’t really work and made me feel terrible in the process. I was so fortunate I found this information and was able to invest in my health. I was able to get my life back, and I know it is my duty and mission to make sure that others feel as amazing as I do. I am not here to make a profit off your misery and pain. I am not a pharmaceutical company. I am the guy that found a way out of diabetes hell and I want to make sure no one feels the same way I did. I have priced this amazing offer down to a level that allows me to keep the lights on and get the message out to suffering people like yourselves.
In contrast, a decision by you to not be part of the Kachin Diabetes Solution will cost you your health and possibly your life. Did I mention the amount of money you will save with our system? Remember a person with type 2 diabetes spends an average of $283,000 to treat the disease over their lifetime. So, think about it. Your decision to invest a very tiny amount today will not only transform your life, but it will save you tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.
So, let me ask you how much would you pay not to have to pay $283,000 bill for diabetes treatment? How much value do you place on the future of you and your family?

Would it be $10,000? $1000? $500? 
Whatever that figure is in your head, forget it! 
Although Dr. Nyan and many other health and medical experts recommends charging $965 plus for the Kachin Diabetes System and thousands of others I have personally spoken to that use our system have stated they would have paid thousands more than that amount based on the life changing experiences they have had. 
Despite that, I am not going to ask you for anything like that figure. In fact, not even remotely close. For a strictly limited time, I will give you the Kachin Diabetes Solution plus the blood sugar lowering cookbook and the fitness for diabetes book all for the low price you see below. All you need to do is click on the button below get started.
I want to make something clear if you are still unsure if this system will work for you especially after being lied to by corporate American and big pharma that there is not a cure for diabetes. I am going to offer you something on top of what you already will receive with our system.
What I am going to do for you to remove any doubt that you still might have in the Kachin System is I am going to give you a 60-day money back guarantee. This means you have two full months to test, read the guide, try the meal plan and lifestyle and use the Kachin Diabetes Solution in full. 

If you don’t see a dramatic drop in your blood sugar levels and a noticeable drop in weight and a general improvement to your overall health, then simply email me in the address in the members area and I will return to you every single dollar and you can keep the entire Kachin Diabetes Solution as my gift to you so that you can continue to improve your health.
So, for the small one-time only investment you will get. The Kachin Diabetes solution, Blood Sugar Lowering Cookbook, and the Fitness for Diabetes exercise book. All of them with a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee.
You are getting all of this a value of over a whopping $965 for the extremely low price you see below. That is less then you will spend going to the movies and less then you would spend at a normal lunch with your family.
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Insomniac: The Ultimate Sleep Therapy book and videos. To help improve your sleep and boost your overall health.
Joint Health 101 to strengthen and improve you joints. Which when combined with the Fitness For Diabetes book will help alleviate diabetes neuropathy.

10-day green smoothie cleanse book and videos. Smoothie recipes unlike any other. Specific for lowering blood sugar levels. These delicious smoothies combined with the Diabetes Reversing Recipes book will super charge lowering your blood sugar levels.
Healthy Heart Remedy book and videos for your optimal heart health. Clinically researched and backed to lower blood pressure levels and increase heart health.
Natural Cures an award-winning self-help health book. Will give you the path to avoid artificial additives and toxins in your foods at home.
Home work out bible. This book will give you all the tricks you need if you do not want to exercise outside of your home. Blast fat and accelerate your weight loss when combined with the Fitness For Diabetes book.
Super Foods Originality book. Wait until you see what food are in this one, and if you think they are not accessible in your local super market then guess again!  
Walking for Weight Loss. In this book you will learn the right pace, style and amount of time to walk for optimal weight loss. Great for those of you who can’t work out every day.

Win any battle. In this cutting-edge book, you will get all the tricks and tips to strengthen your mental health as you simultaneously strengthen the rest of your body. 

This confidence boosting book will change the way you view diabetes and life as a whole.
And finally, Total Body Weight Transformation.

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Do exactly as the mainstream healthcare system want you to do. Carry on taking your meds and injections. By doing this you will never be freed of drugs and never cured because that is what those meds are designed for. So, your condition remains the same, as you spend more and more money every month on medications.

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No more added stress for your family.

Thanks to this protocol myself and thousands of others now have none of that in our lives. If not for yourself do it for the people in your life. Be there to share special moments like graduations and weddings with them. 

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